"I", this is Steffi Reimer (before marriage "Thelen").

When on board: August 1995 - February 1996
May 1996 - January 1997
As: Servicestewardess
What I'm doing now: After 2 years as receptionist in Bonn I said "goodbye"  to working in hotels, now I'm a book-keeper in a software and internet company. Visit our website!
Where I live: Still in Bonn and this is where I will stay for the next years
When I think on SC: Then I think of a wonderful time. Lots of work, but also lots of fun and lovely people. Only the sea sickness was sh...
What I'm looking forward to: To get in contact to lots of Sea Cloudies
How you can contact me: steffi@muffendorf.de
Some up to date pictures: Here you'll find some private pictures 



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